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Q: How do I know which counselor is mine?

A: Josh Berro has students A-K and Emily Weingart has students L-Z

How do I get a copy of my transcript sent to a college/institution?
A: Currently enrolled students, please see Stefanie Durham in the Counseling Center.

Q: When can I enroll my new student for the upcoming school year?
A:  We enroll new students in August.  You can download the registration packet on our website over the summer and bring it in during your registration appointment.  You can call 970-925-3760 x1177, after August 1st, to make an appointment with the registrar to enroll and meet with a counselor.

Q: Who should I contact about Driver's Education?
A: Click HERE for information.

Q: College Admission Testing: Which Test(s) should I take?

SAT REASONING TEST Suggested grade level: 11 & 12
This five hour, multiple choice test is intended to be a measure of developed verbal and mathematic reasoning and ability. The verbal section of the test contains comprehension sections. An extensive knowledge of vocabulary is helpful for successful performance on all verbal sections of the SAT Reasoning.  The mathematics section is comprised of questions relating to arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, some of which will be similar to textbook type questions, and others which will require students to do original thinking. There is a writing portion of the exam that requires an essay, and questions testing grammar, usage and word choice. The SAT Reasoning is reputed to measure those abilities that are most commonly needed for successful academic performance in college, and is intended to supplement other pertinent information in the college application
AMERICAN COLLEGE TESTING (ACT) Suggested grade level: 11& 12
Also, a five hour, multiple choice test, the ACT is considered an aptitude test which measures how well a student can perform the skills necessary for college course work.  The test covers four major areas:

English, math, reading and social science.  Each test is presented in a reading comprehension format, providing contextual clues for the unknown vocabulary words.  For that reason and because the test is more curriculum based than the SAT Reasoning, some students find they do better on the ACT.

The ACT offers an optional writing portion for their. It makes the test longer and can decrease your score the first time you take it.  However, many colleges are starting to recommend taking this section, even if it does lower your score.  All students are required by the state to take the ACT in the spring of their junior year.

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